For Peace Of Mind, I Anxiously Decay

by Fourth Son



released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Fourth Son Tampa, Florida

5 piece metallic hardcore from Tampa, FL.
Johnny Witeck
Dylan Catrett
Ralph Misael
Nate Irizarry
Steve Sturtevant

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Track Name: Vanity Plea
Weighed you down to live by my name
Retreat deep into the hole from which I came
Saving myself by saving face
Refuge has called upon my disgrace

Scorned for the fate that I've been given
Pure from brittle bones to vicious skin
Break the glass, drain the sands of time
Separate my body from my mind

Push forth the needle past my eye
Shut me out when sanity abates
Cut me loose into the void
For peace of mind, I anxiously decay
Track Name: Gutterbrain
Starving to death
Hungry for more, I choke on my words
Torn apart at the seams
Let my thoughts flow, let my feelings seep
Drain me out from the core
Leave a hollow heart for the wolves to feed
It's my blood on the streets
Running red as my hand when I was caught in defeat

Coming to the conclusion
Of self-induced delusion
In defense to the pain, it was time for a change
Another side of me has taken the reign

Face first, I fell to the dirt
I fell far from the ledge that kept me sane
Face first, I fell to the dirt
Now I have no heart, just a gutterbrain
Track Name: Behind Closed Doors
I know the mouth of a liar
And I am so sick and tired
Pouring at the mouth, drench your chest in desire
I killed it with fire

Drowned out, shot down by a common disease
Thought pattern molded by society
Blind to the eyes behind closed doors
Cross my heart, swear to god, you're gonna get yours

Strike a match with an ill intent
I have not been graced by your presence yet
You have the right to speak, I have the right to doubt
This pain lasts way past when the flame burns out

Blind to the eyes filled with concern
Wash the blood from my hands and let it burn
Track Name: Dead In My Eyes
I sought the truth
Your tongued burned with lies
Hidden in plain view
You're dead in my eyes

Shed the dead skin form my back
Scars form from every lash
I saw my conscience begin to weep
These wounds will only stay skin deep

The gavel strikes with lawless force
I possess the moment that once was yours
I cast it out, I strike you down
I couldn't dream of a better way to put you in the ground

On solid ground, I thought I was ready
I tried to break but your hand was too heavy
Human trash to take out but I have to wait
I refuse to live by your mistakes
Track Name: Serpentine
Devoid of expression when I wake
My thoughts are poison from the mouth of the snake
Sink into me, serpentine
My mind corrupt, my swollen veins
My crimson eyes, my need to bleed
I am at Eden's mercy

Slithering slow
Burn the world as I go

There's a glow in the devil's eyes
It captivates, eviscerates
Liberates me from pain
The serpent's tongue caresses my lips
The venom drips
Slither in and set me free

Veins run low
Like rivers, my blood flows