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Cale Barajas
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Cale Barajas great shit. reminds me of like A&O and TO Favorite track: Cavity.
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released October 1, 2013

Recorded by: Ethan Murphy
Guest vocals on "Possess": Lennon Livesay
Backing vocals on "Street Rat" and "Vigilance": Nate Irizarry



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Fourth Son Tampa, Florida

5 piece metallic hardcore from Tampa, FL.
Johnny Witeck
Dylan Catrett
Ralph Misael
Nate Irizarry
Steve Sturtevant

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Track Name: Cavity
Day by day I fucking hate this
And the people I'm forced to associate with
It's wearing me down and holding me back
I'm tied to this burden and the rope won't snap
You're not a product of your environment
As for my patience, it's wearing thin
You're not a product of your environment
So I gotta get out and let the end begin
Day by day, I can't escape this
If you ask me to smile, I'm gonna fake it
My eyes burn
My stomach turns
Track Name: Street Rat
I'm calling you out for the first time
Focused on your problems, praising to a crime
Suburban struggles, they make you weak
You're the weakest I've seen
When will you start thinking for yourself?
Will you ever take the time?
Or am I calling you out for the last time?
Track Name: Possess
I understand your behavior more than you do
I know what you're doing when you don't
The past few months, I've been living inside your head
I am your brainstem
I'm in your heart, I know it's not beating
I'm in your lungs, I know you're not breathing
I am in your head
I know that you are dead
I comprehend your decisions more than you know
I know your feelings when they don't show
I am the crack in your spine
Worsening over time
You'll spend the rest of your days on this earth, not knowing another life
You've already spent the past year rotting yourself out from the inside
Track Name: Vigilance
I dig up graveyards just to bury myself alive
Filled up to the brim, I drown in every time you spit your pride
I let myself believe this is just another suicide
Six feet deep again, I let my body die and my mind arise
I'll rest my case beneath the earth when the time comes
My skin will never see the sun again
The life that I once knew descends according to its plan
Scrawled across the back of my cold, dead hands
Caught off guard by the truth
Bury myself over nothing new
Losing my grip on my own sanity
Dead and alone in this bed I will stay
Save me from myself
Bury me
Don't turn my way
Don't speak my name
Paranoia, lay with kings and queens
Insecurities, may you rest in peace
Bound and teased, my extremities weep
I close my eyes and put my soul to sleep
Show me your soul