Starving to death
Hungry for more, I choke on my words
Torn apart at the seams
Let my thoughts flow, let my feelings seep
Drain me out from the core
Leave a hollow heart for the wolves to feed
It's my blood on the streets
Running red as my hand when I was caught in defeat

Coming to the conclusion
Of self-induced delusion
In defense to the pain, it was time for a change
Another side of me has taken the reign

Face first, I fell to the dirt
I fell far from the ledge that kept me sane
Face first, I fell to the dirt
Now I have no heart, just a gutterbrain


from For Peace Of Mind, I Anxiously Decay, released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Fourth Son Tampa, Florida

5 piece metallic hardcore from Tampa, FL.
Johnny Witeck
Dylan Catrett
Ralph Misael
Nate Irizarry
Steve Sturtevant

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